[Lazarus] Hi-DPI tweak of components

Jean SUZINEAU jean.suzineau at wanadoo.fr
Thu Jun 8 12:39:48 CEST 2023

Le 08/06/2023 à 11:34, Giuliano Colla via lazarus a écrit :
> I believe that scaling for different DPI has been implemented with a 
> shortsighted approach.

It would have been nice at the time of Delphi 1 in 1995 ... ;-)

A few weeks ago I got some havoc trying to port some code from LCL to 
Delphi 10.2 / FireMonkey when coordinates switch from Integer to Single, 
TPoint to TPointF,  array of TPoint to TPolygon...

I think you can't use integer value for mm or inches.

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