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Il 30/06/23 19:40, Mattias Gaertner via lazarus ha scritto:
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>> Honestly: I'll settle for actually managing to get a release out.
> +1000

+1000 me too.


If the brilliant minds which have elaborated a new numbering scheme had 
spent their time in something more productive, such as making life a 
little bit easier to developers, I believe that the Lazarus community 
would have appreciated much more!

For instance, there is the bad habit to "deprecate" without considering 
what happens to developers which must maintain their programs. I found 
it rather frustrating to replace all occurrences of clDark with 
clDkGray, just because clDark had been deprecated, instead of simply 
replacing the definition wit a line in types clDark = clDkGray.

I've been taught that the golden rule to make code reusable is to hide 
the implementation and expose only the feature. Who cares how a color is 
implemented, provided that it shows the same? The same holds true for a 
lot of deprecations, which could be easily hidden without any adverse 



Do not do to others as you would have them do to you.They might have different tastes.
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