[Lazarus] Lazarus fails to build

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Sat Mar 18 22:55:54 CET 2023


I did a git pull of latest lazarus sources.

Someone added laz.virtualtreeview and fpdebuggerfp to the IDE uses clause.

This caused the compilation to fail, since these units are also in the
installed packages.

For instance the online packagemanager also used laz.virtualtreeview, 
so laz.virtualtreeview was added to staticpackages.inc, which is 
included in the uses clause and leading to duplicate units in the uses clause.

If some functionality of the IDE uses laz.virtualtreeview then the IDE
should properly list a depencency on that package, instead of adding it 
hardcoded in the IDE uses clause. As soon as a user installs the package in
question (s)he will have the same error as I did.

I removed the duplicates and pushed the change.


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