[Lazarus] Modifications to TurboPower IPro?

Don Siders don.siders at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 01:07:00 CET 2023

I have made some changes to a couple of the units in IPro: iphtml.pas
and iphtmlnodes.pas. They were needed to fix layout and rendering
issues in TIpHtmlPanel - primarily to benefit the LHelp help viewer.
For example: line spacing in PRE, DL, UL, and OL. Missing support for
top and bottom margins when rendering these elements using CSS
margins. I tested the changes by comparing output to that in FireFox
and Chrome. They look alike. I also rebuilt LHelp using the modified
library. The rendering output is improved a lot IMHO. All of the test
cases that workd before the changes still pass.

It has, however, only been tested on Windows using Lazarus 2.3.0.

My question: Is there a maintainer for IPro that I can offer the
patches to? Or, should I post them here or to the issue tracker?

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