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Some Delphi component developers treated the Win API as part of the RTL, with no attempt to isolate Win API calls or even identify them in their code. In order to successfully port these components without a complete rewrite (some of us are in the business of application development, not tool development) the widgetsets will need to provide a lot of the Win API (LclIntf). I've about given up on GTK, but maybe new widgetsets (Qt, fpGUI, Carbon) can get a fresh start and provide a high level of Win API compatibility up front rather than having to add it in later after the widgetset has begun to ossify and changes are tricky to make without breaking existing code.

I think you've made a great start with the Qt widgetset, taking advantage of Den's great work with the Qt interface library. I guess the test will be if the Laz IDE can one day be compiled against it. That would really be huge for something like OS X - that is, to have a development tool that looks and acts like a Mac app and doesn't require the cumbersome GTK libraries.



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On 11/15/06, Hess, Philip J <pjhess at purdue.edu> wrote:
> Note that all of these methods work fine with win32 widgetset.

Sure they work, you are using Windows API (almost) directly =)

> I understand that the gtk widgetset doesn't support rotated fonts. What exactly is the limitation there? Doesn't use TrueType fonts?

No, it´s just that no one implemented this yet. For further details a
research would have to be made.

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