[Qt] Missing types

Den Jean Den.Jean at telenet.be
Sat Dec 1 12:33:40 CET 2007

On Wednesday 28 November 2007 12:17:57 pm zeljko wrote:
> Den, there are missing some types in 1.54 for QLCLItemDelegate, pls add it
> so I can update bindings.

When code reviewing this I noticed an error in setModelData. The function
call provides as parameter twice "editor". The second time it should 
be "model".  Did you already use this function ? :)

  void setModelData(QWidget * editor, QAbstractItemModel * model, const 
QModelIndex & index ) const {

    if (setModelDataOverride.func) {

      typedef void (*func_type)(void *data, QWidgetH editor,  
QAbstractItemModelH model, const QModelIndexH index);
(QWidgetH) editor, (QAbstractItemModelH) editor, (const QModelIndexH)&index);
     else QItemDelegate::setModelData(editor,model,index);

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