[Qt] Qt fix for try..except in CopyUnicodeToPWideString()

zeljko at holobit.net zeljko at holobit.net
Wed Jun 27 02:24:03 CEST 2007

Quoting Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho <felipemonteiro.carvalho at gmail.com>:

> On 6/26/07, zeljko <zeljko at holobit.net> wrote:
>> Any feedback is welcome ;)
> Great work =)
> I'll apply that soon

One more thing, I think that this is fixed at all, I've also removed  
all ifdef's from qt43.CopyUnicodeToPWideString() so all platforms uses  
SetString(S, Unicode, Len); without any try..except, and without any  
error ;)
There's another small patch for binding + things I mentioned in my  
previous post.
In qlineedit.hk find lines which says
PWideString t_p1;
and change so it looks like
PWideString t_p1 = 0 ;

(and don't forget to add if (qs !=0 && ps) in bindings.h !

Additional change for TQtLineEdit constructor is not necessary, since  
all problems arised from those 2 changes in bindings.
I'll take a look to other hooks and search for uninitialized PWideStrings.

now it really works nice ;)


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