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zeljko zeljko at holobit.net
Thu Jun 28 15:33:25 CEST 2007


For some unknown reason I didn't get e-mail with last message from mailing 
list, so I'm sending new patch here.


Attached patch:

* fixed AV with TFontDialog, now it returns proper font.(indentation fixed)
+ added SetFont() into TWinControl , now we can change our widget font ;)
  (indentation fixed)
+ implemented TColorDialog
* fixed bug with TRadioGroup & TCheckGroup - sometimes doesn't show buttons 
(boxes) eg. when an TListView is on same control with any of these boxes or 
button are invisible except first one.
+ implemented ReadOnly on TSpinBox

About indentation, tnx for the link (didn't know it exist), I can change 
identation in this patch, but nobody can guarantee that next patch will 
contain two spaces , there could be no spaces or 4 spaces at some line.
Besides, how to setup lazarus so it indents 2 spaces when tab is pressed ?
it always makes 4 ?!?

It is problem to change habbits of old donkey  ;) , I'm programming > 20 yrs, 
with varios languages, various styles, naming conventions etc.., so if you 
ever see something bad, just say and I'll correct it.

About svn, tnx , it will definitely speed up development.

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