[Qt] Qt 4.4 is out

zeljko zeljko at holobit.net
Fri May 2 09:45:44 CEST 2008

On Thursday 01 May 2008 18:14, Paul Ishenin wrote:
> zeljko пишет:
> > and have support for Windows CE.
> I dont see neither anouncement nor download link on trolltech site
> related to 4.4 release.

That's because I have commercial versions ;) here it is (public release is in 
4 days)

Dear Qt Developer:

We are pleased to announce that Qt 4.4 is now available to Qt customers!  Qt 
4.4 is one of the most extensive Qt releases ever, with several major new 
features including an integration with the WebKit web rendering engine, a new 
multimedia framework and added support for Qt development for Windows CE. 
Since Qt 4.0 we have added over 280 new classes to Qt, providing a wealth of 
new functionality to Qt developers.

As a Qt customer, you now have early access to Qt 4.4 packages before the 
general public. The public release will take place on 06 May, at which time 
we will provide a range of new resources, including: videos, demos, 
whitepapers and webinars covering new Qt 4.4 features. We will update you on 
May 6th with links to this information.

To begin with, we'd like to share our design goals with you. Qt 4.4 was 
designed with three key objectives in mind:

1. Enable developers to create more advanced user experiences.
2. Expand our vision of Qt Everywhere
3. Enable developers to more efficiently create higher 
   performance applications.

We believe we have achieved these goals with the exciting new feature set 
delivered in this release:

Qt WebKit Integration: Blend Web and Rich Content
Qt now incorporates WebKit, the open source browser engine inside Apple's 
Safari browser, the Apple iPhone and millions of Nokia smartphones. The 
integration allows developers to blend web and native content and 
functionality, create innovative user interfaces, and deliver a consistent, 
web-enriched user experience. 

Qt for Windows CE: Bring Your Qt Apps to a New Platform
In addition to its existing embedded Linux support, Qt now also supports 
Windows CE, delivering a single API for both operating systems. This allows 
consumer electronics manufacturers to shorten time to market and lower costs 
by unifying skills, people and code. Code can be moved from desktop to 
desktop, from desktops to embedded devices and from one embedded device to 

Multimedia Framework: Cross-Platform Multimedia
Qt now includes support for Phonon, a multimedia framework developed in 
conjunction with the KDE community. Phonon makes it easy to include 
multimedia playback in Qt application, and abstracts multimedia formats and 
frameworks on each targeted platform. 
Widgets on the Canvas: More Advanced UIs
Qt now also adds the flexibility to build advanced user interfaces with 3D 
effects, transitions, and special interactions by enabling the manipulation 
of widgets on the Qt Graphics View canvas.

Concurrency Framework: Simplified Parallel Programming
Qt now includes an API that makes it easier to develop multithreaded 
applications and take advantage of multi-CPU systems. 

XQuery: Enhanced Support for XML
Qt now incorporates support for the XQuery standard. This enables developers 
to query, extract and transform data from XML encoded content in Qt-based 

Additional New Features
- Added support for Visual Studio 2008
- Inter-Process Communication classes
- Improved Qt Assistant help system
- Better printing and networking support
- ...and many more

For an overview of all improvements and new features included in Qt 4.4, 
please visit the What's New in Qt 4.4 page in the Qt documentation at: 

For detailed information on all changes introduced with 4.4, please consult 
the changes-4.4.0 file found in your package, or visit 

Some of the new functionality added in Qt 4.4 depends on compiler features 
that are not available or do not work well enough to be supported in Qt. For 
example, several of the new features in Qt proved impossible to support in 
Microsoft Visual C++ 6. Please refer to 
http://www.trolltech.com/developer/notes/supported_platforms for a list of 
currently supported features by operating system/compiler, as well as our 
plans for platform support in the future.

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