[Qt] Qt4 Freepascal Interface V1.67

Den Jean Den.Jean at telenet.be
Wed Nov 5 22:37:34 CET 2008



As requested QVector<qreal> support has been added,
to allow for QPen::setDashPattern.

I have reworked QList<T> support and this caused 
a rename of TIntArray to TPtrIntArray to avoid confusion.
A patch has been provided on the webpage to do the renames,
please apply it to LCL svn, so that I can remove it.

Most compile scripts and readmes have been cleaned up.
But please give me feedback on this ML if something is still broken. 

I have reworked the compile script on MAC so that you do not
need to compile Qt anymore, you just need to download a binary Qt
from Trolltech. The compile scripts now uses the Trolltech/Nokia
Qt4 framework binaries.

On windows it was like that already. On Linux, I think people are smart enough
to adapt the compile script to suit their distro, if not they have to compile 
Qt. :-)

kind regards,

Den Jean

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