[Qt] qt4.4.3 qtopia

Terry Kemp klc at klc.net.nz
Wed Nov 5 23:19:57 CET 2008

> would you be so kind to check if everything is ok now ?
> I do not have an embedded platform anymore.
> Explanation saved to wiki:
> http://wiki.freepascal.org/Qt4_binding#Supported_Platforms
> kind regards,
> Den Jean

One prob so far...

[tkemp at systems qt4pas-V1.67_Qt4.4.3-qtopia]$ . compile_lib_qtopia.sh
In file included from qtpas.cpp:97:
lib/qpixmap.cppb: In function ‘QRgb QPixmap_clut(QPixmap__*)’:
lib/qpixmap.cppb:373: error: cast from ‘QRgb*’ to ‘QRgb’ loses precision
strip: 'libqt4intf.so': No such file


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