[Qt] qt4.4.3 qtopia

Terry Kemp klc at klc.net.nz
Thu Nov 6 01:05:19 CET 2008

On Thu, 2008-11-06 at 00:51 +0100, Den Jean wrote:
> On Wednesday 05 November 2008 23:19:57 Terry Kemp wrote:
> > [tkemp at systems qt4pas-V1.67_Qt4.4.3-qtopia]$ . compile_lib_qtopia.sh
> > In file included from qtpas.cpp:97:
> > lib/qpixmap.cppb: In function ‘QRgb QPixmap_clut(QPixmap__*)’:
> > lib/qpixmap.cppb:373: error: cast from ‘QRgb*’ to ‘QRgb’ loses precision
> http://users.telenet.be/Jan.Van.hijfte/qtforfpc/qtopia_qt4pas-V1.68_Qt4.4.3.tar.gz
> Qrgb sure is an annoying type :-), must be because I am color blind.

<Blonde moment>.

Actually I realized that the (qtopia) compile script was using g++ and I
always have changed that to arm-linux-g++. 

Makes a big difference on an x86_64 machine when making an arm
binding ;) couldn't workout why I was getting...

Error: no such instruction: `swpb %bl,%dl,[%rax]'

changed to arm-linux-g++ and its OK. 

should I look at next version - what did you change?



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