[Qt] My account and problems with lazarus/ qt embedded

Patrick Dohrmann pdo at tu-clausthal.de
Sun Jan 4 23:19:55 CET 2009

I see and got no response to that mail. thats why i am asking again and
being so unsatisfied...by the way today seems to be the first day i can
write to this mailinglist. so if you mean the mail i send you in
private: nothing had worked.
nothing found in any tutorials helped me. therfore i set up a clean
installation of ubuntu/gutsy with latest fpc, lazarus, qt/embedded.
tried the tutorials and all i get is the linker error mailed earlier.

Den Jean schrieb:
> On Sunday 04 January 2009 13:48:43 Patrick Dohrmann wrote:
>> I need help with my problem and nobody can help me. It seems even not
>> the providers of the binding =/ Sorry I have to say that, but no
>> response in a month is a bit slow, because the mailing list seems to be
>> used everyday as i can see.
> ?! I responded with 2 mails,
> within 2 hours after your mail. (6 Nov, 18Hr)
> I do not find any feedback nor any new question.
> :-(
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