[Qt] My account and problems with lazarus/ qt embedded

Den Jean Den.Jean at telenet.be
Mon Jan 5 22:38:30 CET 2009

On Sunday 04 January 2009 14:18:53 zeljko wrote:
> This is a bug in qtwidgets IFDEF's (it's linux but should be something else
> (BINUX ? Den ?). Please fill bugreport.
no bug, you already solved it some time ago by adding IFNDEF QTOPIA.
I define BINUX in qt4.pas, but the scope of that define remains there.

svn blame qtwidgets.pas | grep -i -B3 waitfor
 16818     zeljko   {$IFNDEF QTOPIA}
 16645     zeljko   {$IFDEF LINUX}
 16645     zeljko   if QWidget_isWindow(Widget) then
 16645     zeljko     QtX11WaitForWindowManager(Widget);

Your IFDEF linux is a bit too strict, the *BSD are in the cold that way.
But if you would use BINUX, you would need to add -dBINUX on linux or *BSD to 
compile lazarus/lcl

But the best solution is perhaps, if you would extend qtdefines.inc to include 
the definition of BINUX using the fpc defines LINUX and BSD (copy 
setup of qt4.pas)

QTOPIA is set automatically with fpc define arm, but for qt-embedded on i386 
framebuffer, it will always need to be set manually (-dQTOPIA)
-> this is already in comments sometime in qt4.pas 


Den Jean

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