[Qt] Packaging

zeljko zeljko at holobit.net
Tue Nov 10 08:29:30 CET 2009

On Monday 09 November 2009 23:41, Den Jean wrote:

> The binding source is created by scripts, with many manual steps.
> A Qt binding is actually always alot of manual work (defining
> solutions to every exception, just read the so called typedef
> system of QtJambi or a kalyptus generator. If one day I
> have too much time, I could start again from scratch,
> use e.g. parts of the QtJambi project that is available now,
> and publish everything. Now I do not even find
> time to clean up everything and publish it or
> make a nicer website. Everyone points at smoke instead of
> QtJambi, but after so many years, smoke is still
> undocumented. This is one of the reasons mentioned
> by PySide developers to not use smoke. I started many years ago
> when smoke info was even more scarce.

I've tried yesterday to find some docs about smoke , but there's definitelly 
nothing, so that means that you should learn everything from source 
(definitelly a PITA).

> Because a debian maintainer refuses to include the FPC Qt binding because
> it is not based on smoke, I will not change it to smoke. But everyone is
> free to create one.  I guess it would be more interesting if you would
> spend time in creating packages.

Agree. Smoke is nice thing, but just for developers who made it and some other 
ppl with a lot spare time to learn from source.
Leave it as it is , don't waste your time, just try to create deb's and rpm's 
for binary bindings and that's it (I already have rpm spec for libqt4intf).


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