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Den Jean Den.Jean at telenet.be
Sat Nov 14 21:17:24 CET 2009

On Saturday 14 November  2009 20:29:38 Vincent Snijders wrote:
> Isn't that the purpose of all this? But the binary packages have to be 
> build somehow by the given distro, like they do for fpc.

The distro people have sample fpc packages on sourceforge from 
fpc devs to start from. I guess making a package for fpc is way more difficult 
than for qt4intf, in the end it is a single library to install. 

Sometimes people confuse the means with the end purpose. 
A makefile or qmake are the means, the end purpose is a call to gcc. 
Just run qmake -pro on my sources and you will see why it is for me 
far more easy to maintain a simple gcc compile script file than a qmake project file.
qmake seems to me a tool for people afraid of reading man gcc. When
they have to cross compile, they do not know what happens. If you
have experience with scratchbox, you should understand why the whole
makefile problem/build system has led to projects that cannot be cross
compiled due to their makefile and you need faking environments to fix that. 
My comparably simple cross compile scripts allows you to cross compile w/o 
the whole scratchbox nightmare (that only works on debian).

Anyhow I will look into it adding a qmake file, perhaps than it would be also
more easy to add it to fpc svn, so that it could be build from svn using
the distro qt. (of course not build by default). I know it are mostly c++ sources,
so it would be strange to add them to fpc, but they are only meant for fpc,
the whole binding tries to be pascal friendly by providing pascal language factories 
to c++ (see bindhelp.cpp)


Den Jean

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