[Qt] QPointFH

Vincent Snijders vsnijders at vodafonevast.nl
Wed Feb 17 11:46:08 CET 2010

Den Jean schreef:
> On Tuesday 16 February 2010 08:14:24 zeljko wrote:
>> This changes in winapi must be applied with current 1.72, or it's 2.XX
>>  change  only ?
> It is for >= 2.1 due to addition of QPointF 
> (creates ambiguity between overloaded procedures when 
> using @ operator instead of PQtPointX variable)
> fpc will give compile error: Error: Can't determine which overloaded function to call
> procedure QTransform_map(handle: QTransformH; retval: PQtPoint; p: PQtPoint); overload; cdecl; external Qt4PasLib name 'QTransform_map';
> procedure QTransform_map(handle: QTransformH; retval: PQtPointF; p: PQtPointF); overload; cdecl; external Qt4PasLib name 'QTransform_map2';
> but you can already add the code now when still using 1.72 (no need for ifdef stuff)

Can't you use {$T+} to reduce the ambiguity?


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