[Qt] Release V2.3

zeljko zeljko at holobit.net
Sat Jun 18 09:33:59 CEST 2011

On Friday 17 of June 2011 18:40:38 Matthias Klumpp wrote:
> Can this library be used with Lazarus 0.9.28? If yes, I'll package it for
> Debian, as it can be used with the Lazarus apps currently in Debian.
> If no, I would have to wait for a fixed Lazarus version.
> Could you please tell me if I can use the lib there? (Symbols removed does
> not sound nice... ;))
> Greetings

Yesterday I've removed /usr/lib/libQt4Pas.so.5.2.1 and added 
libQt4Pas.so.5.2.3 and lazarus worked without problem.
So I guess if there's symbol problem it will be shown imediatelly.

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