[Qt] OpenGL bindings

Heiko Tietze heiko_tietze at web.de
Mon Dec 15 13:05:41 CET 2014

Hi folks,

Looks like the work on implementing OpenGL binding for Qt has been startet, 
which are exiting news. I can compile my program against Qt using OpenGL under 
Linux but not Darwin (glqtcontext.pas(196,29) Error: Identifier not found 
"QX11Info_display"). And VBO's are not shown (without gl_error). I suppose the 
work is not finished ("openglcontext.pas: Author: Mattias Gaertner...  
Abstract:... - qt with glx     : no (started)"). 

I wonder if there is any schedule. Should I file bugreports or spam the mailing 
list? And if so, which one?

Anyway, I'm happy to have OpenGL on the horizon.


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