[Qt] AnchorDocking + Sparta basic package with QT

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Sat Sep 12 15:25:08 CEST 2015

On 12/09/2015 09:06, Juha Manninen wrote:
> Hello
> Every QT user please test package
> components/1_spartaBasic/dtx_spartabasic.lpk from the free-sparta
> branch, together with AnchorDocking.
> It implements a docked form editor.
> It works for other testers with QT bindings but not for me. I cannot
> add or select components.
> Maybe depends on QT version. I have Manjaro with KDE 5 Plasma. QT4 is 4.8.7-2.
> I will test with other Linux distros soon.

Get a compile error with fpc 2.6.4
strange fcl-stl is in the source folder of fpc 2.6.4, but it is not 
build, there are no ppu for it.
So testing with an fpc from the 3.0.1 branch.

I can add, select and work  with components.

Couple of thinks
1) might be qt in general. I can see items that are behind a panel. I 
can not see them on win32.
2) While resizing the form there is a (partial) fuchsia colored border 
(instead of the dotted grey)
Sometimes several pixel wide, sometimes just one. Sometimes all edges, 
sometimes just some, sometimes only parts of some edges.
3) Mouse does not change to resize, when over he border (grab-dots) of a 
selected component. But when click and move, resize will work.
(strange, works (shows cursor) after restart...)
4) Moving items, sometimes leaves grabber dots (ghosts). They clear when 
the mouse button is released
(this is an effect of "reduced designer painting => so not related)
5) When the form is bigger than the space, a scrollbar appears (for the 
designer). It works, except it has a far too big scrollrange. The slider 
can only be moved in the top fraction of the bar,  (which is enough to 
scroll the whole form)
Clicking on the empty space of the bar, goes ONE pixel only.
6) The form shows grabber dots at the top and left. They can not be used.
Actually all form grabber dots do not work. To resize a form one has to 
grab the border of the form (at a pos without grabber dot). But still no 
Well the grabber dots of the form work in a freshly started IDE. They 
stop at some point.
7) A form with AutoScroll, shows no scrollbars (for the form) even if needed
8) Also on restart, I sometimes get a ghost form1 (a none docked, only 
border painted, none usable floating form1). Seems to disappear when I 
select the designer tab

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