[Customdrawn] Dialog problems. attn Felipe or zeljko

Giuliano Colla giuliano.colla at fastwebnet.it
Tue May 1 17:11:13 CEST 2012

As you may gather from my silence, I'm still quite busy, and I can 
hardly find some time to spare to carry on work on customdrawn.

However, having a small window of time, I gave a look to Dialog 

I have already implemented for some applications of mine a set of custom 
dialogs, because I needed large fonts, and more lines of text.

It fits easily on customdrawn, because it's fully backend and widgetset 
independent. It just creates a form, populates it with buttons, text, 
and whatever, sizes the form to fit, opens it modal and when it's done 
the form is released.
I have also implemented custom file/directory dialogs on the same line, 
so I was thinking to take advantage of that as a second step.

All is good and well, but it doesn't work properly in X11 customdrawn.
When the modal form is closed and released, any action on the main form 
gives rise to a sigsev, as if the form released had been the main form 
instead of the modal one.

1) My dialog work properly with GTK and QT widgetset.
2) My dialog causes sigsev after being released in X11 customdrawn.
3) My dialog works properly also in X11 customdrawn if the form is just 
hidden instead of released.

My question is: is that a known issue, maybe already solved in between, 
or it deserves investigation?
On my next time slot I could try to follow the code to understand what 
goes wrong when the form is released, but only if nobody else has 
already done it!

When I'm done with current busyness I'll try to gather the episodes I've 


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