FW: RE: [lazarus] Probelm with TComponent.Notification

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Mon Apr 12 12:05:56 EDT 1999

Thanks for the quick fix.  I will attempt to download the latest compiler.

Are you aware of the bug that causes the compiler to throw an internal error 9999 whenever you don't delete your .o files before compiling, OR if I make a change to the compon.inc file and compile my project, it goes to rebuild the inc file, then goes to rebuild my project and throws an error.  All I do to fix it is run the compiler again and it works.


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On Mon, 12 Apr 1999 Cliff.Baeseman at Greenheck.com (Cliff Baeseman) wrote:

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> TComponent.Notification.  The first line is an if statement "If Operation =
> opRemove) and (sometrhing) then... I spilt it up into 2 seperate if
> statements  I put the "If Operation = opRemove" first and it never got past
> that if statement.

The reason it crashes is that there is a compiler bug: do not use default
properties ! So instead of FComponents[I] it should be FComponents.Items[i]

I will try to get this fixed in the compiler ASAP.


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