[lazarus] Some notes on compiling lazarus...

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I will take a look at this michael.


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I've been trying to compile & run lazarus.

I succeeded, but I had to do the following:

1) remove 'objpas' from the uses clause. you MUST leave it out. It is no
   longer required, you must use the -S2 or -Sd switch instead.

2) rename the TComponentStyle to TCompStyle.
   rename FComponentStyle to FCompStyle.
   TComponentStyle/FComponentSTyle are defined in TComponent, 
   so you must take something else for the TControl class.

3) In many places, private fields are accessed in descendent types.
   This is not allowed. I commented out the code.
   The latest snapshots are much stricter in type checking than the
   official 0.99.10 version. I suggest you install the latest snapshot.

4) some of the GTK calls take TRUE/False as an argument.
   I had to change that to 0 or 1, because an gint was expected.
   (= an integer)

In short, I was surprised that you guys got it to work at all :)

But then the app ran, and I could open an edit window, so that was quite
fun :-)

Hope this helps,


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