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Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Thu Apr 29 10:46:19 EDT 1999

I can't add the scrollbars to the Memo because 1:  It's not a container, and 2: The scrollbars would cover up some of the text.  They are meant to be placed along side the Memo


>>> Cliff Baeseman <Cliff.Baeseman at Greenheck.com> 04/29 9:35 AM >>>
Very interesting we will take a good look at this thanx for the tip!

Shane I also noticed last night that you are passing AOwner to the scrollbar
which would be the form vs the
memo control. I believe this is why you are having trouble with the add
control method.


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>Should we remove the tables from our forms or is this the only way to throw
a button on a form and be able to move it around freely?  What is the NEED
for the table?  I don't remember why we required it.

I suppose you walked the same road as me.
There's a solution, though. The only problem is that this widget is
undocummented. At least in my gtk manual copy. Anyway it's not very
difficult to figure out what it does from the interface (gtkfixed.pp).

I do it this way:

procedure TGtkControl.InsertChildControl( Child: TGtkControl );
  if Box = nil then begin
    Box := gtk_fixed_new();
    gtk_widget_show( Box );
    gtk_container_add( pGtkContainer( PWidget ), Box );
  gtk_fixed_put( pGtkFixed( Box ),
                 Child.FTop );

Obviously my TGtkControl has:

    PWidget: PGtkWidget;
    Box: PGtkWidget;
    FTop: Integer;
    FLeft: Integer;

Hope it helps :)

A question: is CVS public? I suppose I have a pretty old copy of your



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