[lazarus] Linking problem ...

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Tue Jun 1 16:53:30 EDT 1999

It appears to me that you are running GTK 1.1 or o lder version (and glib).   It gets a bit sloppy trying to replace these versions but try doing a make clean and pull 1.2 from gtk.org (gtk and glib) and re-install them.


>>> Alain RIVIERE <riviere.alain at wanadoo.fr> 06/01 3:41 PM >>>
Hello everybody,

I try to start some "lazarus" dev. I have followed the guidelines in
Lazarus-developer-HowTo 0.6. Evreything is fine except the last
step : I have a link error when I do :

$ cd ../lazarus
$ make

Please find attached the link log file. I know that certainly you
need more informations on my config, so don't hesitate to ask

Thanks in advance for your help, Alain.

[[ make.log : 5165 in WINMAIL.DAT ]]

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