[lazarus] Linking problem ...

Baeseman, Cliff Cliff.Baeseman at greenheck.com
Tue Jun 1 17:01:13 EDT 1999

No problem it looks like you are using old GTK+ headers or you have a out of
date GTK+ installation. You will need the latest GTK+ I believe I am using
something like 1.2 and the latest headers from the CVS.

Lazarus source requires the newest GTK+ once you have that I can also send
you a IDE we are using.


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> Sent:	Tuesday, June 01, 1999 3:44 PM
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> Subject:	[lazarus] Linking problem ...
> Hello everybody,
> I try to start some "lazarus" dev. I have followed the guidelines in
> Lazarus-developer-HowTo 0.6. Evreything is fine except the last
> step : I have a link error when I do :
> $ cd ../lazarus
> $ make
> Please find attached the link log file. I know that certainly you
> need more informations on my config, so don't hesitate to ask
> them.
> Thanks in advance for your help, Alain.
>  << File: make.log >> 

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