[lazarus] Linking problem ...

Curtis White osiriz at teleport.com
Tue Jun 1 21:55:22 EDT 1999

I made a few changes to the IDE yesterday. I have added a Close All and
Exit menu items and made the Close and Save menu items both work. I am
planning to work some on the configuration items tonight. Anytime anyone
wants the new updated IDE, let me know. In the mean time, I will continue
working on it.

BTW, I was just thinking about something today on building Lazarus. You
guys might already be doing this, so if you are, then just slap me around a
little :-)  Anyway, are you guys mapping the visual components (like
TForms, and other TControls) to GTK and then building Lazarus from the VCL?
 It seems to me it would be much easier to create TForms and other Delphi
TControls to build Lazarus than to write code directly to GTK.  That would
make development much faster and more compatible with Delphi IDE. I think
it would really be nice to be able to allow programmers to just move their
Delphi code over into Lazarus (project files and all) and recompile for
their program to work in Linux. That would be awsome.  Just thinking (which
is always dangerous) :-)


At 04:06 PM 6/1/99 -0500, you wrote:
>No problem it looks like you are using old GTK+ headers or you have a out of
>date GTK+ installation. You will need the latest GTK+ I believe I am using
>something like 1.2 and the latest headers from the CVS.
>Lazarus source requires the newest GTK+ once you have that I can also send
>you a IDE we are using.
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>> Subject:	[lazarus] Linking problem ...
>> Hello everybody,
>> I try to start some "lazarus" dev. I have followed the guidelines in
>> Lazarus-developer-HowTo 0.6. Evreything is fine except the last
>> step : I have a link error when I do :
>> $ cd ../lazarus
>> $ make
>> Please find attached the link log file. I know that certainly you
>> need more informations on my config, so don't hesitate to ask
>> them.
>> Thanks in advance for your help, Alain.
>>  << File: make.log >> 
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