[lazarus] Wrapping glib with objects

John Margaglione jmargaglione at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 16 09:51:56 EDT 1999

I don't know that a compiler switch would be necessary, since all of this
code would be Windows-portable via glib.  This would, however, entail
porting the glib wrappers to compile under Delphi.  But this may be
irrelevant anyway.  If a programmer wants an executable that runs under both
Linux and Windows, he can use the FPC to make a Windows-native OR
Linux-native version, and that version would link to the Windows port or
Linux port of glib.  So cross-platform compatibility is maintained.

Now, if we're looking at cross-TOOL compatibility, that's a different issue,
and one I don't entirely agree with.  I think importing Delphi code is one
thing, but constraining Lazarus to Delphi functionality is a big mistake.
Here's why I think that:  Delphi was written by Borland to address *Windows*
users using *Windows* technology.  So their main focus has been MS
compatibility.  That means COM and the Windows API.  We will never be able
to support those!  Unless WINE comes through, but then we don't have a
purpose, as Delphi would run under Linux!  We should consider making Lazarus
an *alternative* to Delphi, not a *replacement*.  I would like to see us
follow the Delphi model, because I love it, but we will never be able to
achieve anywhere near 100% (or even 90%) cross-tool compatibility.  If we
are really making Delphi for Linux, then by all means let's make Delphi for


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> >
> > This brings me to another issue:  I realize the importance of bringing
> > over
> > current Delphi projects, and therefore we need a compatible interface.
> > However, I would very much like to see us fix any of the deficiencies of
> > Delphi (real container classes and thread management classes come to
> > mind).
> > This interface should probably be separate from the main interface.
> > Unless
> > we want to start using real-live interfaces (pure abstract classes) as a
> > basis for our libraries.
> I think this is a great idea. But I think that maybe improvements over
> Delphi should be put into a compiler switch so "Delphi Compatible" mode
> be enabled or disabled. That way if someone wants to port pure Delphi
> they can without worrying that something extra might get added in.  But I
> would sure hate to limit people who are smart enough to be programming in
> Linux to Windows limitations :-)
> Curtis
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