[lazarus] Wrapping glib with objects

Curtis White osiriz at teleport.com
Thu Jun 17 02:02:47 EDT 1999

I agree. I don't think we should limit Lazarus to only the functionality
that Delphi provides. Linux offers much more than Windows. I was just
thinking that it might be interesting to write a program in Lazarus and be
able to export it to Delphi, or be able to read in a Delphi program into
Lazarus and compile it. Basically, that would mean Lazarus is a Delphi++

I didn't realize that glib was portable to Windows. Just my lack of
knowledge. So will this require Delphi users to load glib and then
replace Borlands built-in components with ours?

I was under the impression that we were building the equivilent of the
Delphi components using glib so we could compile Delphi programs under
Linux without change, with extended functionality to take advantage of
Linux's added abilities. Then the programs could move to Windows and back
without change run in both environments. I just wonder if very many Delphi
programmers will be willing to replace Borlands components with ours.

I may be way off base here. If so, not a problem. I will be happy to be
enlightened on this :) I probably just need a little better understanding
of what our end goal is.  Either way, I am enjoying working on it!


On 16-Jun-99 John Margaglione wrote:
> I don't know that a compiler switch would be necessary, since all of
> this
> code would be Windows-portable via glib.  This would, however, entail
> porting the glib wrappers to compile under Delphi.  But this may be
> irrelevant anyway.  If a programmer wants an executable that runs under
> both
> Linux and Windows, he can use the FPC to make a Windows-native OR
> Linux-native version, and that version would link to the Windows port or
> Linux port of glib.  So cross-platform compatibility is maintained.
> Now, if we're looking at cross-TOOL compatibility, that's a different
> issue,
> and one I don't entirely agree with.  I think importing Delphi code is
> one
> thing, but constraining Lazarus to Delphi functionality is a big
> mistake.
> Here's why I think that:  Delphi was written by Borland to address
> *Windows*
> users using *Windows* technology.  So their main focus has been MS
> compatibility.  That means COM and the Windows API.  We will never be
> able
> to support those!  Unless WINE comes through, but then we don't have a
> purpose, as Delphi would run under Linux!  We should consider making
> Lazarus
> an *alternative* to Delphi, not a *replacement*.  I would like to see us
> follow the Delphi model, because I love it, but we will never be able to
> achieve anywhere near 100% (or even 90%) cross-tool compatibility.  If
> we
> are really making Delphi for Linux, then by all means let's make Delphi
> for
> John

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