[lazarus] Wrapping glib with objects

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Thu Jun 17 06:08:12 EDT 1999

Curtis White wrote:
> I was under the impression that we were building the equivilent of the
> Delphi components using glib so we could compile Delphi programs under
> Linux without change, with extended functionality to take advantage of
> Linux's added abilities. Then the programs could move to Windows and
> back without change run in both environments. I just wonder if very
> many Delphi programmers will be willing to replace Borlands components
> with ours.
> I may be way off base here.

Not way off but I'm not sure if it is practical. While that would be a
wonderful goal I'm not sure if it would be possible. In the simpliest of
Delphi programs it will probably be possible. The problem is most of my
Delphi programs I write are not just written using simple components.
Almost all of them use special DLLs written for Windows. Or they might
use an ActiveX and many call Windows APIs and deal with trapping Windows
messages. So in that sense there is no way that I would be able to do a
clean write once compile anywhere which is what you are suggesting.

I feel that our goal should be that they can port their Delphi code but
then still need to tweek and modify it for use in FPC. Once they have
written it for FPC then they can compile it for Linux OR Windows. They
do not have to go BACK to Delphi.

We just need to create and environment where current Windows Delphi
developers will feel comfortable and have some familiarity of how to do
things. They also need to be able to enhance their investment by not
having to write code once for Windows and a second time for Linux. While
I like Open Source it doesn't put bread on the table. Unless some
programmers can leverage their work on Linux and be able to sell version
of their software for that platform Linux will just never quite get to
the level of Windows as the personal or corporate desktop of the world.

Opinion generator turned off now.   :-)

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