[lazarus] bye Megido

Nicolas Aragon nico at clubdelphi.com
Thu Jun 24 16:49:36 EDT 1999


quoted from Michael Gelman at Megido-general ml:

Since I am the only currently active Israely team member,
i can tell the following:
1) :-( the israeli team may be going apart.
2) :-) the server will be still supported FOREVER.
3) :-) we still have ALL the stuff necessary to continue.
4) :-) Does the "lack of authority" really need to bother us? Anyone
wants to become a leader | do sthg useful is INVITED to do so - CVS,
may I
remind you, is working, as well as everything else... The ideas are
out, compiler team is alive and ready, gtk is still out thee, and ~100
members can contribute. So what's your problem - we are BAZAAR, for

A little late to realize! :-(



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