[lazarus] Asserts and other stuff

Mike Z. mike at msodata.com
Thu Jun 24 23:41:56 EDT 1999

I believe you're correct, Ron.  And that's even beside the point, as far as
I'm concerned.  I've never liked java because the apps seem sluggish and
running the jvm makes my box sluggish.  People that know much more than me
won't touch java for those and other reasons.  I for one would never
compile the jvm into my kernal because I don't need the weight.

I'm trying to develop a cross platform gui app using fpc/gtk.  It would
definately be easier to use java but I'm biting the bullet now for a
compact, high performance app down the road.  Ever since I made the jump
from vb to delphi several years ago I've felt this way and I'm not turning

Cliff: I hope you give this some more thought.  Lazarus is a great idea and
making some headway, the past month notwithstanding.  An open souce
Delphi-like tool that will build cross-platform apps is the way of the
future, in my opinion.  You might also want to test the waters for general
opinion of Java - many people aren't fans.

Keep up the good work!


At 22:57 6/24/99 -0400, you wrote:
>I must be missing something.  I dont see how a Java Virtual Machine
>replaces a Desktop Environment such as KDE or GNOME.   Now, I'm no Java
>programmer so i'll take your word that Java does all that GUI Interface
>stuff coolly..  If I am understanding you correctly, you would want to use
>java's already implemented GUI interfaces, which are unto themselves and do
>not rely on KDE or GNOME.  My question then is, how do you achieve
>integration with controls which are configured by KDE, Gnome, or some other
>desktop environment -- in other words, shouldn't the controls appear to be
>subclassed from the standard controls provided, with the user's color
>selection and graphic style?   
>Maybe I am missing the point, or my lack of technical understanding behind
>desktop environments like KDE and GNOME -- and how they interact with Java. 
>== Ron
>At 08:34 PM 6/24/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>Hello Everyone...
>>  I have been deeply in some work and besides the weather has been
>>absolutely great. (Makes it harder to sit behind a PC)
>>Myself and Shane live in Wisconsin that means that we only see about three
>>months of summer before the weather gets ugly.
>>I sort of blame myself for the stall of the project currently but I hope to
>>resume my work in a few weeks.
>>Personally I wish to keep continuning the effort but in my heart I really
>>believe that Linux GNOME and KDE is going to go away in the future. I have
>>thought much about this and can see a evolution starting to mount.
>>I believe that real soon someone is going to figure out that it is not a big
>>deal to embed a JVM Java Virtual Machine into the linux kernel. Well this
>>can already be done with the latest relase but soon we will see someone
>>start distributing it. Now that is a really good idea and wish that I had
>>the resources and time to do it myself. Think about it no GUI stuff to build
>>it already is there. Java is so much like the Pascal Languge it is almost
>>theft. Not to mention all of the net support that is built into it.
>>Just sharing a few of my thoughts..
>>Not gone just taking a little break guys. Myself and Shane worked 24/7 for
>>about 4 months on what has already been built. Once things calm down for me
>>a little I will jump back in.
>>The newest compiler has been released "Cool"
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>>>John Margaglione wrote:
>>>> Anyway, is there a list of what components are being wrapped, which
>>>> are being worked on by who, etc?
>>>> Maybe we could have a project progress page with a list of todo's and
>>>> responsible parties.
>>>There is only a few of use doing any work on the Lazarus code. I think
>>>what has happened is that for a variety of reasons we have all hit a
>>>snag due to other work that has kept us from doing much the last several
>>>weeks. I myself hope to untangle a little time starting next week to get
>>>back into it. More so now that v12 is officially released.
>>>As for myself when I get into it I will be working more on the messaging
>>>between GTK and FPC. I am trying to separate as much of the FCL from the
>>>API that is being used so that it will be easier to use the FCL with say
>>>with Gnome, QT, xWindows, etc.
>>>I'm all for the list of what to do and who's doing it.
>>>So you can be put me down as working on the FCL-GTK interface.
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