Cliff Baeseman vbman at pcpros.net
Sun Jun 27 18:28:45 EDT 1999

Yep I think we are barking up the same tree....

I say we program directly against XLib instead of GTK and QT. This will
allow us ultimate control over component rendering and event handling. We
can place in the win32 primatives at the same time. I have both a windows
and linux machine in which to test the code....

Much Much more work but alot cleaner and flexible solution...

It would probably be alot less work in the long run.

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>Baeseman, Cliff wrote:
>> michael are you suggesting possibly going all the way down to the
>> XLevel and starting there?
>I'm also interested. Is that what you mean Michael???
>At this point we seemed to have been trying to leverage on the GTK or
>KDE widget sets but we really don't have to. The component classes we
>are establishing in the FCL already are a very good basis for it's own
>widget set. After all that is what Delphi does. It mainly uses Windows
>primatives to draw the components. Maybe we should just develop our own
>widget set.
>I am for this if everybody else is. For one reason it will allow us to
>make the FCL much more extensible. One of the reason I love Delphi is
>that I can take an existing component redefine part of the components
>methods such as the Draw method and create a totally new look for the
>component without the need to code all the messaging and event stuff. IF
>we still with something like GTK or anyother third party GUI we will not
>be able to adjust the widget set from with FPC or the FCL. We will HAVE
>to adjust GTK.
>This might take us longer to create the FPC FCL but it would allow us to
>be more flexible with the porting issue. For example all that would need
>to be changed in the Windows version would be the low level primatives
>that need to do the drawing. We would call Windows API calls instead of
>X11 calls. Maybe we only have to go as far as GDK for the primatives.
>That would still tie use to GTK to a certain extent.
>Frankly I'm getting confused.   :-\
>More opinions???
>We have close to 190 members on this list. Some of you are can assume
>are future users and not necessary in this to help build lazarus. How do
>you see yourself using FPC and the FCL in the future. Do you see
>advantages to our doing this one way over another?
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