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Sun Jun 27 20:20:49 EDT 1999

Cliff Baeseman wrote:
> Yep I think we are barking up the same tree....
> I say we program directly against XLib instead of GTK and QT. This
> will allow us ultimate control over component rendering and event
> handling. We can place in the win32 primatives at the same time. I
> have both a windows and linux machine in which to test the code....
> Much Much more work but alot cleaner and flexible solution...
> It would probably be alot less work in the long run.

It might be more work but it puts total control of the FCL output in OUR
hands. Otherwise we are trying to write widgets in FPC that call widgets
in another package. In GTK case the widgets we are calling aren't even
OOP. Doing it this way in no way hinders anyone from also using FPC or
the FCL with their favorite API (GTK, Qt, etc) it just means they don't
have to. They would most likely be able to create a complete GUI program
that could be delivered with out the requirement of any additional
libraries except those that are part of X11 in the first place.

I inclined to try and climb up this particular barking tree.  :-)

Any more opinions??????

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