Cliff Baeseman vbman at pcpros.net
Sun Jun 27 21:17:43 EDT 1999

   One thing is for sure if we go down this road the next few weeks will not
be for the timid.

   Is there a conversion of the XLib calls for us to use or will we have to
work the headers?

  Any good documentation exist on the web?

  Who is ready for a challenge?

Cliff Baeseman

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>Cliff Baeseman wrote:
>> Yep I think we are barking up the same tree....
>> I say we program directly against XLib instead of GTK and QT. This
>> will allow us ultimate control over component rendering and event
>> handling. We can place in the win32 primatives at the same time. I
>> have both a windows and linux machine in which to test the code....
>> Much Much more work but alot cleaner and flexible solution...
>> It would probably be alot less work in the long run.
>It might be more work but it puts total control of the FCL output in OUR
>hands. Otherwise we are trying to write widgets in FPC that call widgets
>in another package. In GTK case the widgets we are calling aren't even
>OOP. Doing it this way in no way hinders anyone from also using FPC or
>the FCL with their favorite API (GTK, Qt, etc) it just means they don't
>have to. They would most likely be able to create a complete GUI program
>that could be delivered with out the requirement of any additional
>libraries except those that are part of X11 in the first place.
>I inclined to try and climb up this particular barking tree.  :-)
>Any more opinions??????
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