[lazarus] Hey, you can't build a house without cement (was: db components)

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Mon Jun 28 14:44:20 EDT 1999

I'm continuing the development of LAzarus as a GTK application.  Once that's near completion I will move all the GTK related "stuff" into a seperate unit.  For now, I will continue development.  Once the gtk is moved out we can port it to QT and such.

I need some components built.  Everyone is throwing their 2 cents in (which is great) but no one has said "I'll create the TListView control!".  Please, download our source, look at it and find a control that is not there and tell the list that you will build it.  All we need is the generic outline for each control.


>>> Markus Goetz <guruz at gmx.de> 06/28 1:25 PM >>>
Am Mon, 28 Jun 1999 schrieb Rick Dawson:
>Has anyone started on db components yet? I have yet to get a working copy
>of the project yet so that I can really find out, so I thought I would ask.

OK, it seems that lazarus really has the potencial to be a great Delphi Clone,
but as long as my lazarus doesn't work this means nothing :-(

What about first making a basic version run for everyone and then making the
other stuff ?


PS : Qt is good, but since we only need Linux (Unix) GTK would be better.

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