[lazarus] GTK or XLib or Whatever

Sergio A. Kessler sak at perio.unlp.edu.ar
Mon Jun 28 17:37:23 EDT 1999

Sebastian Günther <sguenther at gmx.de> el día Mon, 28 Jun 1999 19:08:45 +0200, 

>> I read somewhere that the two camps are looking at cooperating on certain
>> points, leading to more compatibility between them in the future.
>Qt and GTK? The only thing where they will probably corporate are theme

not even that, they use different mechanims ...

btw, Sebastian, have you taked a deep look at Gnome widgets ?

I mean, doing Gtk-only is a pain in the ass for certain things,
i.e. if you want to do a nice dialog box, in Gtk is around 50 lines,
meanwhile in Gnome are about 5 lines.
Gnome a _lots_ of high level widgets that are ready to use, in 
contrast with the low level Gtk widgets.

btw, I've just convinced to the author of gIDE going to gnome-only,
and I'm helping them now (in C) and is unbeliable how the code
is simplyfied.


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