[lazarus] db components

Lothian, Nicholas (ETSA) Lothian.Nicholas at etsa.com.au
Mon Jun 28 20:54:05 EDT 1999

(Ron, I tried to send this direct to you, but it bounced...)

I, too would be very interested in this discussion. I realize we are
probably getting a bit ahead of ourselves - discussing DBControls when
the normal ones aren't all working, but I think it would be a fruitful
discussion to have.

I've worked for nearly two years in a Delphi/Oracle environment, and I
believe that the speed of development of client side database
application is the greatest strength of Delphi, and one I would like to
see Lazarus duplicate (or surpass). I can only offer a few hours a week
on programming at the moment, but I am willing to have a go.

Anyway, if you do decide to set up a list for DB/Laz discussion, please
add me or forward me joining information.


Nick Lothain
Lothian.Nicholas at etsa.com.au

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>Sent: 	Tuesday, 29 June 1999 9:03
>To: 	lazarus at miraclec.com
>Subject: 	Re: [lazarus] db components
>I would like to discuss Database interactions further if you decide to
>pursue this project.  My job is primarily database application development
>as well, although since I work in Visual Basic I may have some interesting
>ideas to throw into the mix as well.  
>I would love to see myths like bound controls implemented correctly in my
>lifetime -- and M$ after 7 years of promising Bound Controls has failed to
>grasp how to do them correctly in a wan environment. Anyway I do not want
>to shoot this list server off onto a tangent, we could probably fill a
>whole other list server with database ideas.  In fact, if anyone is
>interested in brainstorming some database interface ideas in lazarus, I'd
>be willing to set up a listserver here for that purpose.  

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