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Mon Jun 28 22:28:50 EDT 1999

I'm a little confused.

No one is saying that using GTK for Lazarus forbids the use of pure Lib
functions in specialist functions, are they?

How much cross platform compatibility do people want anyway? I'd love to
be able to go :

Form:= TForm.Create;

and have a form show on each platform. I'd like it if they look roughly
the same size, and it would be great if the resizing worked similarly
under Windows & X. 

However, if I want to do stuff in Lazarus that needed Windows API calls
in Delphi, I would expect to have to use XLib calls under X and WinAPI
calls under Windows. I wouldn't expect this to be compatible. I think
you can do this using just GTK.

When it comes down to it, I would much prefer a Lazarus totally tied to
GTK and X, with no cross platform compatibility than have no Lazarus at

Anyway, if we make all our base classes abstract, we should be able to
write other versions later, if we want. Look at the database stuff in
Delphi for this. That was originally BDE based, then the ancestor
classes got virtualised (Is that a word?) and look at all the database
components you can get now - all of which remain pretty much compatible
with the BDE stuff.

Isn't Object Oriented Develpoment great? *S*.

Meanwhile, while we talk, Cliff & Shane continue to write code, which I
still haven't tried.......

Nick Lothian

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>>2) Write a set of "Compatibility Library" that wrap common GUI Objects
>>from each of the main toolkits, and write for that.
>>    e.g., we have a library for GTK, one for QT, one for Windows, and
>>each has a TForm class that wrap a GTK, QT or               Windows form
>It's a "natural" idea, isn't it?
>  Nico
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