[lazarus] Multiplataform

Jeff Wormsley jwormsley at debitek.com
Tue Jun 29 09:22:24 EDT 1999

On 6/28/99, at 9:34 PM, Shane Miller wrote: 

>Nicolas, I basically agree with you.  I think we should design this in GTK
>first and then move it apart so we can develop later in QT or whatever.  We
>can create units that do all the tool specific stuff and allow the user to
>link to whatever tools they want.

You have to be careful about how you break things apart.  If you design based around one toolkit, you may find that the method you employ causes implementing another toolkit to be very hard.  At the very least, you have to be thinking ahead about how the code can be split.

>I just think that we should concentrate on GTK first and try to gete the
>basic classes complete.

It's too bad there aren't a few hundred more people.  Then you could just say "Joe is doing TForm for GTK and Bill is doing TForm for QT and Bob is doing TForm for WinAPI and ...

Oh well.

In the meantime, check out the following site.



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