Lothian, Nicholas (ETSA) Lothian.Nicholas at etsa.com.au
Mon Jun 28 23:14:08 EDT 1999

Are they actually releasing D5 there, that soon?

I went to a Borland Road Show here, where they showed us bits. It looked
pretty nice - ADO based TDataSets were my favorite, but they had a
nicely enhanced project manager/browser, as well. Native Interbase
Components, XML support for client data sets, and quite a few MIDAS
enhancements, too.

They said they wouldn't release it until they were sure it was bug free
- they really canned the D4 release, and said it should never of
happened. I got the impression they were thinking of a September/October
release. (They said they hoped to get it out before Windows 2000 was

Nick Lothian

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>A bit off subject:   Anyone go to Borland's conference this year (or plan to
>in July) and see Delphi 5 yet?  They are going to be showing it......I love
>getting a new version and playing around....
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