d0hb0y d0hb0y at lynq.com
Mon Jun 28 23:40:56 EDT 1999

It looks like its possible to register as a "guest" and have access to the
computer labs, receptions, and keynote address (and I assume the exhibit
floor) for $275.00 .. I dunno If i can register as a guest without being
the "guest of" someone who shelled out the $1295 to attend.  I had called
Borland months ago asking about "educational" discounts or whatever, but
none are available.

I might call tomorrow and see if I can atleast get in the building for $275 :)

== Ron

At 10:15 PM 6/28/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Go to http://www.borland.com/conf99/dl63.html and take a look at the
>I'm not sure if you can simply go in and look around cheaply...

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