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Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
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Thanks for the idea.  I was hoping to find a "Delphi-like" way of handling it.  By doing that I would need to set Self = the gtk object data and that (I think) would start to cause some trouble when I wanted to remove the code from the units and place them into seperate units for GTK.....

Here's another thought.....I was in the shower this morning, like I often am, when I thought of this.  Perhaps if I used methods as the procedure to assign the signal to instead of generic procedures then perhaps it would retain it's information.  For example:

I tried to move the gtkOnChange and gtkMoveToRow procedures into the TCustomMemo class.  Once I did that I added  TCUSTOMMEMO. in front of the names of the proceures and tried to compile.  I got this error again:

ERROR: Method (variable) and Procedure (variable) are not compatable.

Is there anyway to assign a signal to a METHOD instead of an ordinary procedure?  


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Shane Miller <smiller at lakefield.net> on 29/06/99 15:14:25
I have set up TMemo to use the "changed" signal and when GTK fires that
      signal I do :
      If assigned FChanged then FChanged(Self);

Obviously when the callback is used, the connection to self is lost and
therefore it's children no longer retain their values.

You can associate an arbitrary piece of data with a GTK widget. In programming
      with GTK in the past, I have used something like


In the signal handler you can just do

  sig_handler(Widget widget....)


    self = gtk_object_get_data(GTK_OBJECT(widget),"Self");

This works well in C, but I haven't had any reason to do it under fpc...

OR we could port gtk-- to pascal :-)

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