[lazarus] Problem found

Peter Vreman pfvreman at wins.uva.nl
Tue Jun 29 12:12:46 EDT 1999

> Thanks for the idea.  I was hoping to find a "Delphi-like" way of
> handling it.  By doing that I would need to set Self = the gtk object
> data and that (I think) would start to cause some trouble when I wanted
> to remove the code from the units and place them into seperate units for
> GTK..... 
> Here's another thought.....I was in the shower this morning, like I
> often am, when I thought of this.  Perhaps if I used methods as the
> procedure to assign the signal to instead of generic procedures then
> perhaps it would retain it's information.  For example: 
> I tried to move the gtkOnChange and gtkMoveToRow procedures into the
> TCustomMemo class.  Once I did that I added TCUSTOMMEMO. in front of the
> names of the proceures and tried to compile.  I got this error again: 
> ERROR: Method (variable) and Procedure (variable) are not compatable. 
> Is there anyway to assign a signal to a METHOD instead of an ordinary
> procedure? 

the problem with signal and methods is that C doesn't know that it need to
load the object pointer into ESI before calling to method, so it's not
possible directly. Maybe with a wrapper it could be possible


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