[lazarus] GTK or XLib or Whatever

Matt Henley mhenley at opus.drizo.com
Wed Jun 30 15:20:29 EDT 1999

Please forgive my ignorance, but I didn't find anything on the web site and there is no mailing list archive 
(that I know of).   Where is its web page for KCL?  When I look in the Linux Software Encyclopedia all I get 
is Kyoto Common Lisp.


Matt Henley

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>> I've done something like:
>> fcl/
>>    gui/
>>       /inc    -> interfaces and multiplatform code
>>       /gtk
>>       /gnome
>>       /win32
>>       /qt
>>       /kde
>>       /be
>>       /motif
>>       /<include your platform here>
>This is quite similar to the structure of KCL:
>  kcl/
>    src/
>      kcl_all/
>      kcl_gtk/
>      kcl_w32/
>      ...

looks good to me ...

>> > Very intersting. IMHO the biggest problem of Lazarus is that there is
>> > too much talk and too slow progress.
>> I agree, but this come for the reasons above.
>I personally think that it is better to start with only a limited group
>of people and to add public discussions later on.

yes, yes, yes, and when you go public, have something to play,
something to hack on ...

>> and in the /long run/, when you have to do DB access, Corba access,
>> media (audio, video, etc) access, desktop access, etc
>> HOW do you do it with Gtk-only approach ? (or Qt-only ?)
>> In the long run, you will =need= Gnome or KDE, no matter what you
>> think, no matter if you like it or not.
>> So _I_ think that going with the full toolkit from the begining
>> will simplify things.
>But it will limit you in a way. BTW:
>- DB access has _nothing_ to do with desktop environments

you will ignore all the funcionality in gnome-db and kde-db ?

>- Corba support is only partly dependend on it
>- Media access is usually independent from it

same here, there is much funcionality in gnome (gnome media 
framework) and kde to be ignored

>- Desktop access: Most applications won't need it

Hmmm, will see ...

>But, the main problem is, that there are at least three different groups
>of people:
>- KDE fans
>- Gnome fans
>- People who won't use any of them
>I think a RAD IDE for FreePascal is _extremely_ important, especially
>under Linux; and if you choose to support *only* KDE *or* Gnome you can
>be sure to have about 2/3 of the people against you.

how about Gnome _and_ Kde _and_ Gtk-only _and_ Motif, etc ?

anyway, I think you have a winner where this thinghs can be
reality, don't go public before things are cemented and you
know exactly what you want.

best regards,

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