[lazarus] GTK or XLib or Whatever

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Wed Jun 30 15:37:52 EDT 1999

>if you are expecting that everyone agree, you are expecting a miracle..

I'm not expecting everyone to agree, but I'd rather here reasons for their opinions instead of simply opinions.

>>2) Can't we write GTK for now and seperate it as needed later?  Would this
>>be so tough?

>DON'T ASK !  You are (togheter with Cliff) one of the leaders, then
>make decisions, evaluate ways and take decisions, go ahead, if you 
>are going to ask for _every_ move then you will never finish a 
>simple f* component.

>Please, act with leadership, scream, insult me if you want, but
>take decisions, and try that everyone follow you because you have
>the most sensitive solution, show them the code ... show them the
>way ...
>(and don't write messy code, please, I have nothing personal 
>against you, Shane, but your code is the most messy code I've ever

I am asking so I can make a decision.  Without asking for other people's REASONS behind the idea's I can't make a decision.  Now perhaps this has gone opn long enough, but I still don't see any reason to change the way we are doing it..

And, btw, my code IS very messy.  I know this, but remember, I'm the only one doing any code.  Cliff and I started this and unless someone else gets involved, it'll stay this way until I am ready to clean it up.  I am doing 98% of the coding so I don't need to clean it up for myself.  However, you are correct that it is a mess, and I guess I'll clean it up a bit more so others can read it.

I have time to kill until the parsing bug in FPC is fixed.  

Another point.  You say "Act with leadership, scream, insult me if you want, " etc.  That's not how I lead.  
I am writing code and if anyone wants to follow, they are free to do so.  None of them work for me and none of them have offered to help in anything specific so there's nothing to tell anyone.


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