[lazarus] GTK or XLib or Whatever

Sebastian Günther sguenther at gmx.de
Wed Jun 30 18:51:54 EDT 1999

"Sergio A. Kessler" wrote:

> >I personally think that it is better to start with only a limited group
> >of people and to add public discussions later on.
> yes, yes, yes, and when you go public, have something to play,
> something to hack on ...

Exactly this.
KCL and its IDE has another problem: It has to look better than Lazarus,
when the first public announcement will be done... ;-)

> you will ignore all the funcionality in gnome-db and kde-db ?

Sorry, I don't know them. I just know that KDE runs fine without kde-db
on my system.
I think Michael v.C. is doing the right in implementing database support
on a much lower level; database widgets can be added to LCL or KCL

> same here, there is much funcionality in gnome (gnome media
> framework) and kde to be ignored

can you give some examples, please?

> >- Desktop access: Most applications won't need it
> Hmmm, will see ...

OK, the IDE won't need it, so this is not our first priority.

> how about Gnome _and_ Kde _and_ Gtk-only _and_ Motif, etc ?

that is exactly what I want to do with KCL. The main reason why I
started KCL whas that there isn't any comparable project for FreePascal

> anyway, I think you have a winner where this thinghs can be
> reality,

IMO it's possible

> don't go public before things are cemented and you
> know exactly what you want.

I think I already know what I want _in the long term_...

- Sebastian

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