[lazarus] Progress

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Wed Sep 1 17:46:48 EDT 1999

At 17:03 01-09-99 -0400, "Michael A. Hess" <mhess at miraclec.com> wrote:
>Shane Miller wrote:

>> Let's not get hung up too far on this.  Let's get something that works
>> and if we need to change something we will have a better idea how to
>> do it once we get a larger base of WORKING code.  Otherwise, we'll
>> never end up with anything.
>> Let's get all the components added that gtk handles, get an editor up
>> and running, and get something that we can show.
>I guess in a round about way that is what I have been trying to convey
>all along. I was trying to do it by explaining the problem involved but
>maybe I should just say "STOP IT", work on GTK. 

Thats a point, get something visible.

>We have been drawn down
>in to discussions of WindProc, WinHandles, etc. etc. and it just doesn't
>need to be talked about or done at this time. 

While implementing components you run into this. If you just go on and
implement things just the way they work in GTK, then you end up with loads
of work when you want to use another lib. I think somewhat discussion about
how things to do will simplify future work. It is easier to use some
alternatives now, than to fix it later. 
However sometimes you could go to far! And maybe this is in some of my
postings, I look at Lazarus as I look at a tool which helps me develop
applications. And I hope it will at some stage (From a GUI-developer point
of view, you don't want to know whats under the hood).
But, for now, let's make something....

>We certainly aren't at the
>point to be talking the GTK people and telling them what they should be
>adding the GTK library.
>So I agree let's just keep working on GTK and get something done.


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