[lazarus] Progress

Peter Vreman pfv at cooldown.demon.nl
Wed Sep 1 18:29:49 EDT 1999

> Let's get all the components added that gtk handles, get an editor up and
> running, and get something that we can show.
We can use the editor of Kassandra. I've already 'ported' the code so it
compiles with lazarus. But it doesn't work yet. It's a canvas redraw
problem i'm having. And with my delphi experience which doesn't reach
futher than implementing it in the compiler i need some other ppls who can
look at it. If needed i can attach the code.

Also a TScrollBox component is needed to get a fully workable editor. If
someone can help with these 2 probs i can take a look at adding debugger
stuff for the editor.


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