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Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Thu Sep 2 11:59:29 EDT 1999

Samuel Liddicott wrote:
> Glk!! The reason I'm talking about it is because I think it really
> does need talking about early on, before we take a long strategy.

But what you need it for is Windows. The main push at this point is to
get a product for Linux. Don't expect people to jump ship from Delphi to
FPC and Lazarus on Windows any time soon. They will just continue to use
Delphi. (Even I will).
> > We certainly aren't at the
> > point to be talking the GTK people and telling them what they should
> > be adding the GTK library.
> If we are part of the GTK people we can express what we need.  And if
> they want to win the fight against KDE, the more support for them the
> better.

First off you are mixing things up. The arguement is between GTK and Qt
not GTK and KDE. For that matter it isn't even much of an arguement any
more since they are both merging some of their features.

Secondly that is why we are trying to make the LCL API independent so
that we aren't part of any arguement or religious war. We want anyone to
be able to use whatever API they want to build an X Windows product with
FPC. We do not want to become part of the GTK team or the Qt team or
what have you.
> Good; but I've said before, I *need* the wndproc support; and I am
> modifying the LCL to support it.

But that is for Windows. Again the main push is to develope Lazarus and
the LCL for Linux, an environment where we don't have any tools like
Delphi. That is what we need to concentrate on. If in the future we can
adapt the LCL to build Windows applications using the Windows API will
great but that isn't what we should focus on right now. If you want to
build a Windows application with Lazarus then just use GTK on Windows
and you are all set. Why is it so important to try and make Lazarus
support the Windows API at this time?

> I also *need* GTK to be less stingy with its events.

It isn't stingy. That is how it is designed. It is designed to simplify
application development. It does the dirty work so you don't have to.

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